Henning Vold Partner

Henning joined Norvestor in 2001 as Investment Manager. He has been responsible for investments in many of our core industries and has particular expertise in the business and consumer services sectors.

Henning started his career as an IT consultant at Capgemini. His management experience has focused on IT growth companies. Henning has an MBA from the University of Colorado, and graduated from the Norwegian War Academy as an officer.


  • Chairman of the Board: Apsis, Cegal, Crayon, Abax, IT Gården
  • Board member: NetNordic, Elixia, Intelecom Group, eTRAVELi, Confirmit, Retriever, Stamina/Avonova, Foxway, The North Alliance
  • Enlight, CTOX.hlp Technologies, CFO
  • Modem Bad, CEO
  • Capgemini, Principal Consultant


  • University of Colorado, Boulder, MBA
  • Norwegian War Academy, Graduate Officer