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About Norvestor

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We have been supporting companies for over three decades based on our conviction that contributing to the growth and development of sustainable companies creates long-term value.

Norvestor invests in medium-sized companies, typically with revenues in the range of EUR 20-300 million. While we consider opportunities in many different industries, we focus on the markets where our team has extensive experience and strong networks. Our aim is for our companies to grow substantially during our holding period, which is typically between three to six years. We often support companies entering new geographies, acquiring complementary businesses and executing digital strategies.

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A partnership approach

The Norvestor funds invest in companies with strong management teams. Very often these include the founders of the business, who continue as co-owners in a partnership with Norvestor.

We believe good governance and efficient dialogue between owners and management are essential elements of a successful partnership. We strive to act as an advisor and sounding board to management, without diluting their accountability and introducing unnecessary bureaucracy.

Members of the Norvestor ‘family’ of portfolio companies exchange experiences and ideas through formal and informal networks, supported by workshops, seminars and webinars.

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Growing for good

We are convinced that acting responsibly not only makes us a better company but also delivers better investment results. We have an obligation to act this way, for ourselves and for others.

A shared belief with company management teams that environmental, social and governance (ESG) is an essential source of value creation and a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly drives us forward together. We are proud of our progress towards greater sustainability. Read more about our approach to sustainability here.