Sperre’s story began in 1938, with a hand compressor designed to start ship engines. The technology evolved from manual to electronic, and today, Sperre’s compressors are installed on one-fifth of the world’s ships. Sperre has a 48-hour guarantee to deliver replacement parts worldwide. Based in Ellingsøy, Norway, the company was 100% family owned until our investment in 2018.

“For more than five decades, we have kept our service promise ‘Any part within 48 hours’. It does not matter if your compressor is new or 30 years old” 

  • Investment date: August 2022
  • Country HQ: Norway
  • Industry: Energy & Marine
  • Sales 2023: 622 M NOK
  • Fund: SPV II
  • Web page: www.sperre.com


Ole Andreas Nustad (CEO)
Jon Kvalø (CFO)

Board of Directors

Per-Ola Baalerud (Chairman)
Trond Bjørnøy
Oddbjørn Eliassen
Trond Leira
Grethe Bakkevig