Smartvatten is a hardware-enabled SaaS company providing its customers with a complete solution for real-time monitoring and reporting of water consumption in buildings. Smartvatten’s customers reduce their water costs and the risk of water-related damage while improving their sustainability performance. The Company’s algorithm-based software analyse water consumption data from mechanical, digital, and IoT-enabled water meters in a cloud environment to identify consumption patterns and detect leakages.

  • Investment date: February 2021
  • Country HQ: Helsinki, Finland
  • Sales :
  • Fund: Fund VIII
  • Web page:


Jussi Niiniaho (CEO)
Lars Dencker Nielsen (CFO)
Sami Toivonen (CRO)
Antti Salakka (COO)

Board of Directors

Petter Quinsgaard (Chairman)
Per-Ola Baalerud
Marika af Enehjelm
Kati Salo
Matti Nevala
Joe Hamari