Since 1995, Sentech – headquartered in Oslo, Norway – has been providing advanced measurement and sensor solutions to oil & gas companies around the world. By using sensors and software, Sentech provides clients with real-time monitoring of water in any type of oil. The company developed and patented a technology (the single electrode capacitance sensor) that forms the core of its products. Sentech’s success is down to its highly accurate and stable measurements. The company was previously a subsidiary of former Norvestor portfolio company Advantec, which was sold in 2015.

“By using sensors and software, we can provide customers with real-time monitoring of water in any type of oil across several process industries"

  • Investment date: April 2010
  • Country HQ: Norway
  • Industry: Energy & Marine
  • Sales 2018: NOK 21.5M
  • Fund: Fund V
  • Web page:


Jon Morten Halleraker, CEO
Torstein Floden, CFO

Board of Directors

Fredrick Gyllenhammar Raaum (Chairman)
Jan Kåre Pedersen
Magnar Aaland
Oddbjørn Eliasson
Svein Kolbein Halleraker
Astrid Koppernæs
Trond Bjørnøy