Kabal (previously named Wellit) is an inspiring example of how software can transform an industry. The company provides logistics solutions that enhance planning and communication in the oil & gas industry. By efficiently matching resources – such as people, equipment and transport – to the needs of oil & gas operators, the software dramatically reduces logistics related costs and pollution.

“Through efficiently matching the available resources (human, equipment, vessels) to the needs of your organisation, WELS minimises your carbon footprint”

  • Investment date: January 2019
  • Country HQ: Norway
  • Industry: Energy & Marine
  • Sales 2020: NOK 95M
  • Fund: Fund VII
  • Web page: kabal.com/


Jan Inge Pedersen (CEO)
Einar Valheim (CFO)

Board of Directors

Tor Erling Gunnerød (Chairman)
Jan Inge Pedersen
Stian Tjørswaag Krydsby
Henning Hansen
Hege Kverneland