A specialist in ‘well integrity’, HydraWell provides a range of tools and services to help ensure oilfield operators and oil-services companies worldwide can operate and decommission their oil wells. Developed in-house, HydraWell’s industry-leading technologies can not only save their clients vast amounts of time and resources, they also help reduce the environmental impact of oil operations globally.

“Technologies and solutions that reduce both your environmental footprint and HSE [health and safety] risks”

  • Investment date: April 2016
  • Country HQ: Norway
  • Industry: Energy & Marine
  • Sales 2020: 95 M NOK
  • Fund: Fund VII
  • Web page: www.hydrawell.no


Mark Sørheim (CEO)
Stian Vemmestad (CFO)

Board of Directors

Per-Ola Baalerud (Chairman)
Børge Kolstad
Odd Engelsgjerd
Roy Jensen
Chris Teesdale
Shona Grant