BST Group, the leading force in fire protection in the Nordic region, focuses on delivering world-class fire safety solutions with an emphasis on technical and environmental innovation. Their network of specialists collaborates seamlessly across the Nordic countries, offering comprehensive fire protection solutions — from engineering design to installation and service. Leveraging their size and expertise, BST Group plays a pivotal role in driving the evolution of fire protection products, services, and regulations, significantly impacting our infrastructures and the safety of our future societies.

  • Investment date: December 2021
  • Country HQ: Sweden
  • Industry: Business Services
  • Sales 2023: 1 791 M SEK
  • Fund: Fund VIII
  • Web page:


Peter Bühler (CEO)
Patrik Viksten (CFO)

Board of Directors

Fredrik Korterud (Chairman)
Marika af Enehjelm
Ian Poppelman
Ståle Angel
Thomas Lundin