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Foxway Group is one of Europe’s largest providers of sustainable IT device services to large corporations, schools and other public sector organisations. Its device lifecycle management solutions offer everything from sourcing to collection and recycling, creating a second and even third life for devices.

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Sustainable IT

Did you know that the global IT industry has approximately the same negative impact on the climate as aviation? Since its inception, Foxway has worked to reduce the CO2 footprint of organizations’ IT resources. The Company has developed software tracking each unit an organization owns, enabling the organization to offer users the right tools, in addition to optimizing the portfolio of devices and maximizing each unit’s use and lifetime.

In addition, the company is a pioneer in the circular economy: Foxway has logistical capabilities, both in-house and through partners, to collect and refurbish used devices. In this way, IT assets (mobiles, laptops and more) get a second and third life.

Reducing technology’s carbon footprint

With over one million mobiles and IT devices under management annually, Foxway operates on a large scale. In 2021, it repaired or deployed over 844,000 devices. Serving markets in the Nordics and northern Europe, the Stockholm-headquartered company’s mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers’ IT resources. Foxway software tracks every piece of IT equipment a customer owns in order to offer users the right technology tools. This optimises the customer’s portfolio of devices, as well as maximising equipment use and lifetime. In addition, Foxway is a pioneer in the circular economy by collecting and refurbishing used devices, both in-house and through partners. This way, mobiles, laptops and other IT equipment can be used repeatedly.

Circular economy

Climate change, resource management and care for the environment is of ever-increasing importance to all stakeholders in society. The UN has pinpointed responsible consumption and production as goal no. 12 on the Global 2030 agenda. To be able to offer employees a sustainable place to work is a critical component to this ambition.

Foxway has worked hard for several years to develop offerings and capabilities that help enterprises to become more climate friendly and drive the evolution of the circular economy. With more than 1 million mobiles and IT devices under management annually, Foxway has become a leading European IT services provider that offers sustainable IT services on a large scale to our customers.

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“Our solutions reduce the carbon footprint of IT by improving resource management. Also close to our heart is the opportunity to make affordable IT tools available to institutions and individuals without the means to purchase new equipment through a second and even a third life.”

Martin Backman, CEO Foxway

How has the business grown with Norvestor as owner?

  • Grew revenue from SEK 1.6 billion in 2019 to SEK 4.9 billion in 2021
  • Strengthened refurbish, repair and redeployment capabilities of IT devices
  • Acquired the companies Replace, Redeem, Greentech, DCC, Flip4New and Global Resale to create a leadership position in IT asset disposition (ITAD)
  • Rebranded the company from Xllnc to Foxway
  • Became one of Europe’s largest providers of sustainable IT solutions
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Foxway today

The company occupies a strong position in a growing market with the potential to develop its circular economy offering in the Nordic region. There are also opportunities to grow outside the region through new partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Foxway has over 1,200 employees.