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First Camp

Scandinavia’s leading campsite operator thanks to the passion of its 850 employees and the outstanding hospitality it offers guests of all ages. The pillar of First Camp’s appeal is its ability to create great experiences – like the Kids Club, where youngsters share exciting adventures and fun.

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Consolidating the Nordic camping industry

First Camp guests rent cabins or camping spaces and enjoy a wide range of on-site recreational activities, shops, restaurants and facilities. Our involvement began when we acquired Nordic Camping & Resorts, a company with bold ambitions. Today, the rebranded First Camp is the largest campsite operator in the Nordics and one of the largest in Europe. As well as upgrading existing sites, First Camp has expanded through acquisitions, growing from 14 sites in Sweden to over 60 Nordic destinations.

"Through our partnership with Norvestor, we will create thousands of memories lasting a lifetime, thanks to significant investments in staff resources, technology and in our destinations"

Johan Söör, CEO, First Camp
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How has the business grown with Norvestor as owners?

  • Grew revenue from SEK 108 million in 2016 to SEK 978 million in 2021
  • Accelerated expansion activity with 21 add-on acquisitions
  • Strengthened the team with new appointments, including roles in finance, marketing and real estate
  • Enhanced digital capabilities to improve the customer experience and digital sales and marketing
  • Established an ambitious ESG programme
  • Invested more than SEK 100m in site capacity expansion and upgrades
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Greener camping for future generations

First Camp has ambitious targets to limit carbon emissions and water consumption, as well as make positive contributions to biodiversity at and near its campsites. The company is almost 100% powered by certified renewable electricity, with some of its destinations using solar power generated on-site. To guide sustainability best practices, First Camp subscribes to the internationally recognised Green Key certification programme, which helps to maintain and protect the environment, ensuring that its destinations are preserved for future generations. At the end of 2021, more than two-thirds of sites were certified and First Camp is aiming for 100% certification.

Read more about Norvestor’s approach to sustainability here.

First Camp today

First Camp has grown to become the largest camping site operator in the Nordics. 700 employees are passionate about hospitality, and work every day to make camping life easier and to create greater experiences. First Camp destinations are operated with the help of two support offices, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. The company’s customers are benefiting from site upgrades and better digital capabilities. The market is still fragmented, and First Camp is continuously evaluating new sites.