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First Camp

Back in 2002, two entrepreneurs with backgrounds in the charter tourism industry had a vision. They saw the great enjoyment people derived from spending time outdoors, and also realised that the Swedish camping market was highly fragmented. They spotted a niche for a professional business operating a chain concept under one brand. As a result, they set up Nordic Camping & Resort.

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Consolidating the Nordic camping industry

What started as Nordic Camping & Resorts is today the largest campsite operator in the Nordics, operating under the brand First Camp since the acquisition of First Camp in 2019.

We shared the views of the entrepreneurs and saw still significant opportunities to continue the work they had started. An approach to Nordic Camping & Resorts was made in the summer of 2016 and the investment was made later that year.

Working closely with the company, the organisation has been strengthened with a new CEO and senior management team. Expertise has also been added within dynamic pricing, digital marketing and real estate. Seeing the importance of digital marketing, we worked to improve the company’s digital profile.

The company has continued to upgrade and expand camp sites, and the company has grown from 14 to 44 during through acquisitions during the first three years of Norvestors investment.

Through our partnership with Norvestor, we will create thousands of memories lasting a lifetime, thanks to significant investments in staff resources, technology and in our destinations

Johan Söör, CEO of First Camp

How has the business grown with Norvestor as owners?

  • We accelerated the M&A agenda
  • Strengthened the team with new appointments, including roles within dynamic pricing, digital marketing and real estate
  • Enhanced digital capabilities to improve customer experience and yield management
  • Invested more than SEK 100m in site capacity expansion and upgrades
  • Supported the company in the acquisition of First Camp in 2019 and the rebranding of the combined company following this

First Camp today

As a Norvestor portfolio company, First Camp has grown to become the largest camping site operator in the Nordics. The company’s customers are benefiting from site upgrades and better digital capabilities. The market is still fragmented, and First Camp is continuously evaluating new sites.