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4Service provides contract catering, cleaning, front-desk support and other soft facility management services in Norway. With a strong focus on healthy eating, reducing food waste and sustainability, the company enable its customers to offer their employees the best meals and office services.


Serving up healthier and tastier meals

On a typical day, 4Service staff prepare and serve 100,000 meals, with a smile. The quality of the meal is as important to 4Service as it is to those who will eat it. The nutritional value, fat and salt content, and how the food is produced, matter to 4Service, as does reducing food waste.

In 2018, the company set ambitious targets to reduce salt content, food waste and the climate footprint of the menu. The food is served by a service-minded workforce with great diversity: Across its business segments, 4Service employs a wide range of people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

How has the business grown with Norvestor as owner?

  • Grew revenue from NOK 664 million in 2016 to NOK 2.8 billion in 2021
  • Expanded its service offering with 16 add-on acquisitions to date
  • Developed IZY, an app-based facility management solution for property owners, tenants and building users, that was spun off as a separate company in 2021
  • Cleaning and maintaining more than 8 million square meters

“Our well-diversified team and the performance culture we have built is today a pivotal part of our company culture."

Tor Rønhovde, CEO of 4Service
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Promoting sustainability in food services and facility management

A cornerstone of 4Service’s ESG philosophy is its focus on practical tasks and making small changes resulting in immediate positive consequences. 4Service has established working groups in food, technology and social sustainability, responsible for setting goals, taking action and tracking progress. Progress to date includes establishing a carbon footprint baseline and identifying areas for improvement, notably an electric vehicle fleet and the goal of a carbon-neutral cleaning division. Food-waste monitoring has been piloted in 20 locations, group-level targets have been set to ensure local production, and the proportion of vegetarian meals served is increasing in line with targets.

Social responsibility is high on the company’s agenda, including an active partnership with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration with the purpose of integrating more people into the workforce. Around 30 employees who joined in 2021 were learning Norwegian or had low formal qualifications or gaps in their resumes. 4Service is a company of people from more than 100 nationalities and the company has special programs to accelerate their Norwegian language learning.

The company is a pioneer in partnering with social entrepreneur companies, aiming to offer work experience to people with difficult or different backgrounds. For example, 4Service has partnered with Medarbeiderne a company staffed with loyal and talented people who previously suffered from drug addiction issues. The company helps 4Service with additional resources when needed.

Read more about Norvestor’s approach to sustainability here.

4Service today

4Service is well-positioned in an attractive industry and renowned for its impressive customer satisfaction. Growth continues by offering outstanding service and flexibility in how it supports customers. Services are offered through concepts such as 4Service Camps, 4Service Offshore, De Tre Stuer, Eir, Gastro Catering and Søtt+Salt. 4Service aims to expand organically, with the potential for acquisitive expansion. Today, the company has over 3,300. 4Service is proud to have what they firmly believe is the industry’s most dedicated and motivated employees.