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Headquartered in Oslo, 4Service is a Norwegian provider of contract catering, cleaning, front desk services and other facility management services. With a strong focus on health, food waste and sustainability, 4Service enables its customers to provide the best services for its employees.


Preparing healthy, tasty meals

On a typical day, 4Service staff prepare and serve thousands of meals, with a smile. The quality of the meal is as important to 4Service as it is to those who will eat it. The nutritional value, fat and salt content, and how the food is produced, matters to 4Service, as does reducing food waste.

In 2018 the company set ambitious targets to reduce salt content, food waste and the climate footprint of the menu. The food is served by a service-minded work force with great diversity: Across its business segments, 4Service employs a wide range of people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

"Our well-diversified team and the performance culture we have built is today a pivotal part of our company culture"

Tor Rønhovde, CEO of 4Service

Investing in corporate health

A cornerstone in the company's ESG philosophy is focusing on practical tasks, initiating small changes that will have quick and positive consequences. 4Service has established working groups in food, technology and social sustainability. Each of these working groups have goals, they take action and they track progress. Out of the new employees welcomed last year around 30% came through labour market measures aimed at providing opportunities for people in the process of learning Norwegian, people with low formal competence and/or people with challenging gaps in their resumes.