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How can private equity build sustainable businesses?

Sustainability is a key aspect of Norvestor’s investment philosophy. We are convinced that businesses that contribute positively to society and have sustainable business models will build long-term value. Sustainable business practices are crucial to the health and happiness of future generations.

As active investors, we are in a unique position to make an impact. We want our contribution to be positive – not just because we believe acting responsibly leads to superior investment results and allow us to attract the best talent, but also because we are convinced it is the right thing to do.

Read our Sustainability Report here.

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Our approach to responsible investments

We require that the companies we invest in are doing what they can to reduce their impact on the environment or to contribute towards environmental betterment. We look for evidence that they are responsible employers who look after their employees, promoting diversity and taking an interest in their local communities. Good governance is important to us – the companies we partner with must follow best practice on compliance, regulations, tax and transparency.

Our team and the family of Norvestor portfolio companies are committed to making positive and valuable contributions – to shareholders, clients, employees, the communities we operate in, as well as to society at large.

ESG principles

We are fully committed to promoting sound environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. These principles are embedded into how we do business – driving Norvestor funds’ investment decisions and guiding our upright conduct as business owners.

Sustainability factors are an integral part of our investment process and due diligence. As owners, we ensure our portfolio companies have the right tools and the guidance they need to achieve their sustainability goals. One part of this involves annual sustainability reviews where management and the board of directors agree on action plans based on a structured assessment of opportunities and risks.

You can read our Responsible Investment Policy here.

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Our approach to climate change

The scientific evidence for man-made climate change is irrefutable: it is one of the greatest challenges the world has ever faced. To meet this challenge, change and development is clearly needed. As we see it, changes in consumer behavior and in business practices create attractive investment opportunities, as do regulatory changes.

Innovative technologies developed by growth companies within areas such as energy, logistics and manufacturing will play a key role in our transition to a climate-neutral economy. We see major investment opportunities within these industries as well as in companies with innovative and resource efficient solutions to traditional services.


Creating high-performing teams by promoting diversity

At Norvestor we believe that individuals with complementary skills and experiences build high performing teams.

We are committed to developing the Norvestor team, the portfolio company boards and the portfolio company management teams with competence, ambition and diversity. Our passion and curiosity for building successful businesses bring us together.

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