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Kabal is an inspiring example of how software can transform an industry. The company provides logistics solutions that enhance planning and communication in the oil and gas industry. By efficiently matching resources – such as people, equipment and transport – to the needs of oil and gas operators, the software dramatically improves planning and reduces transportation. In addition to enabling large cost savings, Kabal enables operators to achieve massive reductions of climate gas emissions.

"Our ambition is to transform how oil and gas companies worldwide handle their logistics and to provide them with the necessary platform to easily benefit from greener logistics"

Jan Inge Pedersen, CEO Kabal
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How Kabal reduces oil and gas emissions

Kabal's solutions allow oil and gas operators and their suppliers to use vessels and other resources more efficiently. Higher efficiency means less vessels and helicopters, which again means cost savings and lower emissions of climate-changing gases.

As an example, one platform supply vessel (PSV) has the CO2 footprint of more than 12,000 cars. Thanks to Kabal's platform and optimization software, the use of PSV’s can potentially be reduced by approximately 30% annually when fully utilized. Only on the Norwegian continental shelf, the reduction equates to the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of 350,000 cars in total.